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Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art

My Philosophy

A satisfied client is my greatest goal. ​


I offer my clients a personal international service at the highest level, based on experience and offering maximum transparency and due diligence as regards authenticity, provenance and legal ownership. ​


Every painting has a certificate from the Art Loss Register and/or other institutions.


​My research into authenticity is carried out in collaboration with major conservators and laboratories for technical analysis. ​


In the challenging matter of attribution, I consult the most knowledgeable international art historians and museums.


​Regarding Modern Art I consult the most important foundations and institutions for both myself and my clients, ensuring the greatest level of security on authenticity. ​


I advise clients on the purchase and intelligent growth of their collections, doing my best to give them a sense of how a collection can be based on a significant period or subject, avoiding cultural dispersion.


I also work on consignment, giving the highest possible guarantee for the client with respect to the value of a work of art, and offering maximum satisfaction to both vendors and buyers. ​


I provide extensive investigation on the provenance of a painting, researching the history of the work of art with the kind assistance of Dr. Gabriele Monetti, an highly professional provenance researcher specialized in paintings. ​


I offer an appraisal service based on personal experience and auction results.

​The following paintings of art have been the subject of my work and research: 

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